Proprietary micro-encapsulation:

BotanoCap's technology consists of proprietary micro-encapsulation that enables the slow release of volatile compounds, such as essential oils. BotanoCap has full control over the particle size and the release profile of the encapsulated compound.

The essence of micro-encapsulation by a membrane envelope is to isolate an active agent from the environment, stabilize it and control its release rate.

Numerous volatile compounds extracted from plants have demonstrated biological efficacy, such as inhibition of fungal activity. By overcoming the difficulty of encapsulating volatile compounds, BotanoCap's technology technology facilitates the use of these active compounds for a wide range of applications.

Nano size microcapsules:

In addition to micron-size microcapsules, BotanoCap can form novel nano-size microcapsules that can be added to products without affecting their clarity. These nano-size microcapsules have many applications, such as:

  • Controlled release of fragrances in perfumes and cosmetics
  • Flavor control food additives
  • Odorless antioxidants from natural sources
  • Aroma modification
  • Preservatives to extend shelf life

Leading Applications:

Agricultural applications:

Green biocides and repellants that are viable alternatives to toxic and environmentally damaging synthetic chemicals.

Food industry:

  • Extending shelf life of processed food
  • Odorless food additives, such as fish anti-oxidants without odor.

Water treatment:

For the control of insects, insect larvae and other pests.

Cosmetic applications:

For the controlled release of additives such perfumes, preservatives, and skin anti-oxidants.


Such as disinfection materials or controlled-release skin patches of essential oils.

BotanoCap's technology is protected by patents covering the composition of compounds, the process of preparation and applications.