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BotanoRoot™ is a granular, high-efficiency, controlled-release rooting compound, synergized by N-P-Ks and chelated trace-elements. BotanoRoot™ is designed for effective and fast rooting of herbaceous and woody cuttings and transplants of all crops.


  • Excellent physical properties: granular, homogenous, free-flowing, non-hygroscopic, does not cake or segregate
  • Easy transportation, handling, storage and application
  • An exclusive combination of highly efficient IBA auxin, with NPK and chelated micro-nutrients, boron, iron, and magnesium
  • Microencapsulated within a urea-polymer compound coating for slow-release of active ingredients, ensuring continuous and stable exposure of the cuttings to the nutrients and to the rooting-enhancing compounds for fast production of a new independent plant
  • Efficient for rooting of soft, semi-hard, and hardwood plants
  • Free from chlorides, sodium, and heavy metals
  • Does not contain ingredients harmful to the native soil micro-environment and intensifies the growth proliferation of the soil's microflora
  • Formulated as mini granules, ready to be mixed thoroughly with the growth medium of the cuttings and transplants, with no need of dipping each cutting in a rooting powder prior to planting.

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