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BotanoFresh™ 400 is an innovative natural solution for storage, improving storage stability and extending the effective post-harvest lifetime of fresh-cut lettuce, by effectively delaying fresh lettuce oxidation and reducing lettuce rots and browning.


  • Inhibition of lettuce discoloration
  • Anti-oxidant protection
  • Effective, enzymatic browning inhibition
  • GRAS approved natural ingredients
  • Controlled release
  • Patented formulation
  • Free from residuals
  • Improved fresh-cut handling
  • Smart innovative packaging solution
  • Protection throughout all temperatures /climates even at the low temperatures of storage facilities
  • Easy to use

Application - non-woven fabric

Breakthrough Efficacy Results

We tested the efficacy of BotanoFresh™ 400 fabric in preventing lettuce oxidation and reducing rots and enzymatic browning. Lettuce was stored for 10 days with (Figure A) and without (Figure B) the BotanoFresh™ 400 evaporating fabric.


Significant inhibition of enzymatic browning was shown after 10 days storage, see picture on the left showing a clear fresh green leaf with no damage. 

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