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BotanoFresh™ 100 is an innovative natural solution for improving storage stability and extending the eective post-harvest lifetime of fresh tomatoes, by effectively suppressing post-harvest fungi infestation and resulting damages.


  • Keeps tomatoes free from damage
  • Effective, anti-fungal and anti-microbial protection
  • GRAS approved natural ingredients
  • Controlled release of effective essential oil concentrations
  • Patented formulation
  • Free from residuals
  • Extends shelf life over 50%
  • Enhanced yield of post-harvest fresh tomatoes
  • Smart innovative packaging solution
  • Protection throughout all temperatures/climates even at the low temperatures of storage facilities
  • Easy to use

Application: non-woven fabric

Breakthrough Efficacy Results

We tested the efficacy of BotanoFresh™ 100 fabric for control of fungal rots in fresh tomatoes. Tomatoes were stored for 10 days with (Figure A) and without (Figure B) the BotanoFresh™ 100 evaporating fabric.

BF Tomato

Significant inhibition of Botrytis Cinerea and Rhizopus Stolonifer rots was shown after 10 days storage, as shown on the left, which is an extension of over 50 % to shelf life.

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