Products - Pre-harvesting Background

BotanoCap produces cost-effective biopesticides for crop protection during growth. These products include insecticides and repellants, fungicides, bactericides and nematicides.

BotanoCap's products deliver the active compounds in a precise and timely manner, thus ensuring optimal outcomes. After completing their task they decompose and leave no trace in the soil or in groundwater.

BotanoCap's products are designed for crop protection throughout the entire life-cycle:

  • Seed treatment and seed coating
  • Soil treatment
  • Crop protection while in vegetative, flowering and fruiting stages

BotanoCap's products are available as liquid formulations for spraying and as solid microcapsules packaged in porous sachets. For example, when BotanoCap sachets are placed in food shipment containers, they safely control insect and microbial infestation through controlled vapor emission from the microcapsules with no phytotoxicity effects.